Pleasant Harris “Pleas” Boyd was born December 26, 1827 in Missouri.  He later moved to Texas where he married Serepta Rachel Hunter in 1854.  They were the parents of six children.

During the summer of 1866, Pleas Boyd was herding cattle about two miles south of what is present day Lipan, when several savages charged upon him. He was armed with a six-shooter, only two chambers of which would shoot; and the pony he was riding was not exceptionally fast. As a consequence, in his race for life, Pleas Boyd was soon killed.

A short time afterwards, Bidge Gilbert and Frank Hill, who were going to a roundup on the Divide between the Kickapoo and Paluxy, found Pleas Boyd dead and scalped.

Boyd was killed in Johnson County, Texas, on July 4, 1866 near present-day Lipan.  A year later, the part of Johnson County where he was killed became a part of Hood County.

Legend has it that Boyd’s friends brought his body to a high hill overlooking Kickapoo Valley and Crockery Creek.  They buried his remains at night so that Indians would not know of his death.  The hill eventually became the primary burying ground for Lipan, Texas.


Tradition tells us that Pleasant Harris “Pleas” Boyd was the first person buried in what is now known as Evergreen Cemetery.


His wife and children eventually settled in Parker County. Serepta Hunter Boyd later remarried and is buried in Parker County.

When a tombstone was placed at his grave in Evergreen Cemetery, the name was incorrectly spelled as "Press" Boyd.

Information about this incident was recorded in The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.




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