Churches have played a vital role in the community since its earliest days. The first Baptist congregation was located on Crockery Creek in one of the log cabins that was also used as a school building. The earliest known Baptist Church organized about 1876. The membership voted to move the congregation into Lipan proper in 1894. The group met in the Lipan school. Later church buildings were built in Lipan near the school property. This congregation was affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and eventually took the name First Baptist Church of Lipan.

A Baptist Church was formed in the Allison Community during the 1880's and met at the Allison school. The earliest existent minutes reveal that the church was called Liberty Missionary Baptist Church of Christ. Minutes from 1935 to 1944 indicate that the church was called Liberty Baptist Church of Allison. Minutes of August 24, 1947 call it Allison Baptist Church.  The church is still in existence in 2009 and is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Primitive Baptists also established a congregation in the Lipan area but it did not survive as a viable congregation. A second Southern Baptist Church was established in Lipan during the 1980's and took the name Calvary Baptist Church of Lipan.  The church was discontinued in 2006.


The Methodists established a congregation in Lipan by 1880. They were housed in several locations near the current school property. They chose the name Lipan Methodist Church. They provided worship for Lipan area families until the 1970's when their membership began to decline. The church was discontinued and members moved memberships to nearby communities. The building was purchased by the First National Bank and used for storage purposes until it found new life as a part of the youth ministry of First Baptist Church..


Presbyterians also made an effort to establish a congregation in Lipan, but there was not enough interest to form a permanent church.


Many early Lipan families were members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The congregation formed during the 1880's was greatly influenced by prominent Christian Church ministers Addison and Randolph Clark. It was about 1900 that members could not agree on whether or not to have musical instruments in the church. Most members of the Lipan congregation were opposed to musical instruments. They formed the Lipan Church of Christ in 1904. Their first church building was also located near the school property. Their current building was constructed in 1938. An addition to this building was completed during the 1960's.  A fellowship hall was completed in 2006.

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